The Delphic team works closely with entrepreneurs at the inception of their big idea to help create a custom program that is cost effective and tailored to fit their budget and timeline.

This includes:

  • Educating the entrepreneur on what to expect and the best way to approach the process.

  • Development. Taking the idea and turning it into a plan.

  • Advising on the best type of entity to create for your start-up as well as when to create it.

  • Budgeting to develop the product or service from launch through operations; cash needs and cash flows to monitor progress and to stay within budget.

  • Guiding you on research to ensure you are positioning your brand with the best chance for success against your competition. Determining features and benefits, brand value proposition, pricing and more to augment distribution and costing in order to maximize gross profit margins.

  • Introductions (carefully vetted by Delphic) to designers, developers, pattern makers, sourcing agents, suppliers and factories who can help you turn your idea into a product line within your desired timeline and budget.

  • Working closely with you to develop/enhance your new brand identity with every detail that involves the name, logo, fonts, hang tags, website, labels and more.

  • Strengthening the communication of your vision through art direction, models, stylist, photographers and more.

  • Introductions to a variety of associates necessary for any business from fulfillment houses, attorneys, bookkeepers, factors, bankers to a host of other professionals who can provide needed services and/or capital to launch and operate your business.

Please review all of our services for more details on what we can provide to scale your start-up.