It’s important to have a deep understanding of what is currently in the marketplace as well as the customer you want to sell to. Having a budget and cash flow, knowing your margins and controlling your inventory from the start is a basic and essential part of significant practical details that can’t be overlooked.

It’s important to know who you are competing against and what makes you different. You must be able to design and develop product(s) that allow you to clearly communicate your features and benefits as well as your brand value to the end user while doing so at a competitive price point.


There are numerous ways to enter the market place. The right fashion business consultant will guide you step-by-step with clarity as critical decisions need to be made. That said, I’m a firm believer in doing your homework, staying focused, planning well and working with people who have had success building brands. The experience can be exceptionally rewarding, especially after the initial struggle when you can take a step back to pause and realize you’ve built a brand that is becoming more known and, most importantly, profitable. 

I’m not in the business of forecasting trends. Instead my business is truly the “business” side of fashion which includes not only apparel but also footwear & accessories. While we have vast experience working with many entrepreneurs in the apparel industry, we are not exclusively fashion business consulting as we also work with entrepreneurs who create & design other consumer products (i.e., home decor). I’m passionate about working with those individuals who set trends based on their own unique vision & ideas. There are a variety of entrepreneurs out there who don’t all come from a fashion background; what they all have in common is an idea, passion, and they’re not afraid to work hard. If they have those qualities then I can help them bring it to fruition. Fashion business consulting isn’t just for start-ups, we help brands at a variety of stages in their journey.