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Nasty Gal

Dana has been an instrumental force in my business. Since working with Dana, my company has grown over 10,000% and continues to explode. He has taught me everything from financials to human resource management, and I continue to learn more with each phone call, visit and email. There is no bullshit with Dana - ever. Through every step of the way he has kept me a top priority, worked long hours and calmed me when the issues that accompany growing a business seemed to loom larger than life. I recommend Dana without hesitation (and I'm a seriously tough customer) He's the best!
Sophia Amoruso, Founder / CEO. Nasty Gal

Taryn Rose

Dana Fried is the best consultant I have ever worked with in my business career. I have worked with consultants from the Boston Consulting Group who could not measure up to the talent and energy that Dana has. Taryn Rose International would not be a 40 million dollar company today without the assistance of Dana Fried over the last 9 years. He has known me since I started from my garage and was by my side as a COO, during my company's fast growth.

Dana is able to help a business owner get over the hurdles of production, inventory management, margin control and maximization and financial controls. He is the best negotiator I've ever met. He was able to put together a deal with our Japanese distributor during one trip to Japan. This is a remarkable feat given the Japanese reputation of being very slow and careful in business.

Dana Fried will add value to any company and I am happy to say we still maintain our relationship today because of his multi-faceted knowledge base and talent. His incredible energy level makes him efficient and able to work under pressure and long hours when needed. I am able to recommend Dana with the highest praise and gratitude.

Taryn Rose, MD. Founder. Taryn Rose

Tommy John

I met Dana Fried at a workshop he was teaching right before our launch into Neiman Marcus. Since then he has helped streamline everything from cashflow, production, sell through at the retail level, inventory management and margin to provide an infrastructure to support my fast growing company. We have grown over 250% in our first 4 months working with Dana. He has helped put Tommy John in a perfect position to sustain our growth.

Dana has contagious energy and is looking out for my interest first and foremost. He makes things very clear and simple. I recommend him to anyone that wants to minimize risk, increase return, and strategically take their company to next level.

Tom Patterson, Founder. Tommy John


Dana has been an awesome partner for Chubbies from our very first meeting. He has tremendous experience aggressively scaling e-commerce operations & was instrumental in helping us scale our own operations. He introduced us to an epic Controller that allowed us to get our financial reporting up to speed. He also helped us vet out fulfillment partners & ultimately outsource our fulfillment operation to a 3PL service provider. At all times, his focus has been to help us keep this shorts-breathing dragon heading in the right direction, while not stepping on our toes as entrepreneurs. He is straight-forward, honest, & always willing to help however he can, whether it be through introductions to relevant operators, banking partners or investors. True class act. We would happily recommend Dana to any emerging brands looking for help scaling.

Kyle g Hency, Co-Founder. Chubbies

Monif C

I started working with Dana a year ago when my business sales went flat. With growing AP and flat sales, I did not know what to do. Sometimes as a CEO, it's hard to know what is holding you back especially because you are in the trenches daily. Dana came in and instantly started asking the right questions: profit margin? sales strategy? merchandise mix? He helped me to see that we were no longer a wholesale business but a pure play ecommerce business and we should merchandise and market that way. This lead to doubling our sales in one year.

Dana is funny, honest, and no-nonsense, exactly what CEOs need. I appreciate that he always has his clients best interests at heart. Dana has also been instrumental in introducing me to other resources that have pushed my business further like ecommerce experts and fiscal analysis tools that we couldn't begin to afford if we had to bring these people on full time. Dana's connections allowed us to use their resources at an affordable rate.
I highly recommend Dana!

Monif Clarke, CEO Monif C

Sloan and Tate

Dana's business savvy and strategic way of approaching the unique challenges faced by apparel companies are second to none. In the nine months I have worked with him, he has helped me completely transform the inner workings of my business. Under Dana's guidance, I have streamlined my production and development process, increased my margins and gained sales representation with an incredible showroom.

Dana is able to translate his suggestions into specific action steps that I can successfully accomplish. He is truly a pleasure to work with. He tells me what I need to hear (even if it’s not what I want to hear) and he always makes me feel like a top priority.

Dana always has my company's best interest at heart and I trust completely the advice and suggestions he gives me. Dana is more than just a consultant. He is now an integral part of the S & T team.

Eliza Ladensohn, CEO. Sloan & Tate

Right Bank Babies

Right Bank Babies has been around awhile, knows the industry, has exceptional press coverage and great products but our sales weren’t reflecting this. We needed help so we called Dana and did the Quick Start Program. I think he took us though two semesters of Business School in those 5 meetings. Dana helped pinpoint our shortfalls in reaching our target audience and showed us what relatively easy steps to take to increase our bottom line. He analyzed our expenses and margins and helped us make an action plan for the next few months. We've begun implementing Dana's advice and already had a huge response. To be a little cliché, my only complaint is 'I wish we had done it sooner.' Having gotten my MBA and worked in the industry for 10 years, it was hard to commit to asking for outside help – BUT – it was great money spent – Dana has such specific knowledge of how this business works on so many levels that he gave us a new way of thinking. We just finished the Quick start program but are looking forward to a long relationship working with Dana.

Ellen Uzarowicz, Founder and Designer. Right Bank Babies

terrikelly flip flops

I came up with a concept for a footwear product and about 9 months into the development stage, I was referred to Dana Fried from Delphic Consulting. I can tell you 100% that had I not found Dana I would not be in business today. Not only does he teach you the 101 of starting a company which is hugely important, but he is so knowledgeable with real time “on the ground” experience that he analyzes what you know and what you don’t know and he fills in the gaps for you. If you get to the point where he says to go for it, you go and never look back. Not once did Dana make me feel ignorant for what I did not know or ridiculous for going for it to begin with given my lack of experience. He is adept at working with Entrepreneurs and assessing where their individual strengths and weaknesses are. He absolutely points you in the right direction. We launched in November and the response to our product has been fantastic. We have no way of knowing at this point if we will grow into a larger successful business, but I can say unequivocally that if we do, it will be in large part because of his guidance. He gives you the information you need and also is incredibly humble and supportive. I continue to rely on him for direction and when there are larger bumps in the road he is the first person I call. I trust him completely. He knows his business. Being an Entrepreneur requires incredible courage and an iron will. But we don’t know what we don’t know. Dana is the window into the future of your start-up, a window into the day to day reality of your business before you know what that reality is. He is also the foundation from which I am growing my company. He is hands down the biggest asset I have in my business today.

Terri Kelly, Founder and CEO. terrikelly flip flops

Michael Antonio Footwear

I have worked closely with Delphic Consulting over the past year. In that very short time frame we have rebranded our company, had a double digit increase in revenue, streamlined our reporting, budgeting and organizational processes, retrained our sales reps in line with our brand, and provided sales kits and marketing materials that have allowed us to double our sales from trade-shows when compared to the prior year.

My management team and I enjoy working closely with them.Their experience in the footwear industry is so valuable and I would give them my highest recommendation to any business owner looking to take their business to the next level.
Michael Su, CEO.
Michael Antonio Footwear Group

I hired Dana Fried to help me negotiate the best deal possible in bringing in outside equity in order to take my apparel company to the next level. He has provided guidance and knowledge as we have gone through the process.

I do not believe my position would be as favorable as it is today had I not had his advice. He negotiated a deal that allowed me to receive more cash upfront, a higher percentage of equity and keep control over the design process. Dana really cares about me and my company and I feel he is always looking out for my best interest above all else.I highly recommend his company's services to anyone looking to improve their current situation.
Tracy Wilkinson, President.
Mon Petit Oiseau

Blue Pony Vintage

Do you know your margins? Are you keeping updated records of your below the line costs? What commitment are you making to your retailers for sell through? Do you know what sell through is?

I started Blu Pony Vintage with a clear vision of my brand identity and what I thought was an understanding of margins, my customer and my product. Dana Fried showed me that although I had a great product that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have proper margins and a strong sales strategy to survive. And so the process began.

We met regularly to go over everything related to Blu Pony Vintage. If I had questions after our scheduled meet, Dana was always available. It felt as though I had a partner even though it was just me in the beginning. It was great knowing he would be checking my progress and keeping me focused on the next step.

There is no way Blu Pony Vintage would be where we are today with out Dana Fried’s support and guidance. I have always been great at coming up with business ideas but never good at executing them. Dana Fried has helped me to have a great and successfully growing business. For that, I am forever grateful.
Bonnie Matthews, Founder / CEO. Blue Pony Vintage

I have known and worked with Dana Fried at Delphic Consulting for a number of years. His experience and hands on approach have helped many FBI members achieve their objectives.Dana gives advice based on real life industry experience of running both apparel and footwear companies from start-up to over $30M in revenues.

Dana is a teacher, advisor, mentor and motivator with the resources and connections to get companies to the next level.I consider Dana a trusted advisor to both me and Fashion Business Inc and would recommend him to anyone looking to grow their business.
Frances Harder, Founder / CEO. Fashion Business Inc. Author - Fashion For Profit

hey lady

Dana was literally the answer to our prayers when all we had was a big dream, little hope, and sketches of shoes. He provided a reliable guidance and substance to our vision. He taught us the tools necessary to start our business in operations, manufacturing, sales and merchandising, and finances. Now we dream in terms of gross margins and projections.

He's like our "business dad", only looking out for our best interests, showing us the scenarios and tools for us to make our own decisions, and being there when we make our mistakes (like when we don't listen). Dana Fried brings to us and our company an indispensable knowledge and experience, all with a candid and fresh honesty, and a sense of humor. Now we just want to make him proud. Thanks Dad!
Emily and Jessica Leung, Founders. Hey Lady

Dumbell Man

It is a pleasure to submit this testimonial for Delphic Consulting. I can not emphasize enough, the confidence I have in the company and the individuals I have had the pleasure to meet. Delphic Consulting have always conducted themselves as complete professionals whenever we have had the need for their services. The Dumbell Man Fitness Equipment experienced a significant growth in profit within weeks of our initial meeting. The Training programs, operations manual and employee handbook they developed helped define and regulate responsibility and employee behavior. I would encourage any group with a need for business consulting to utilize their services. They have my highest recommendation.
Michael J Garvey, President. The Dumbell Man Fitness Equipment

Through strategic planning with the partners at Delphic Consulting, we charted a course, that has allowed us to grow from concept to a multimillion dollar company. I have found it vital to our success to surround myself with advisors who share my vision and help me stay the course. Delphic does just that.
Mike Gerhart, Founder / CEO. Chill-Tek Inc.

The quickstart program was the best money we have spent, and I only wish we had done it sooner. We could have avoided a lot of mistakes and saved a lot of money. As we are now getting ready to deliver our line to the US and European markets, I can only say that this would have never happened without Dana's help. Its just not the benefit of the Quickstart program and his subsequent consulting he's provided, its the entire network of people that Dana has available to him from his years in the industry and that network has been incredibly beneficial to us as well.

For anyone starting a new clothing line, or ANY business for that matter, it is critical to have the business and financial guidance to confirm that your business is viable. It's better to spend a little money up front to determine this than to go down the path toward financial ruin because you don't have a viable business only a great idea. A great idea is only great if you can execute it and make it profitable. THIS is where Dana proves his worth in gold!
Arlene Battishill, President / CEO. Scooter Girls Inc.


Armed with an idea fit for an industry I had no experience in, I wondered if I could even get my business off the ground and going in the right direction...
Dana stepped in and offered his amazing industry and operations knowledge and provided me with a clear and robust blueprint of what I needed to focus on and where I needed to go. He took on the project as if it were his own considering the characteristics of my products and business as well as my personal experiences, abilities and vision and created a tailored and unique business blueprint.

I felt educated, confident and ready to start my business with Dana by my side and have been able to get it off and running with great results in less than a year! If you have no idea where to start, if you know exactly where you want to go but don't know how to get there, or if you think you have it right and just need a second opinion, Dana is the person to seek to help you get results and achieve goals!
Stephani Kim, Founder. dekkori

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