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Sampling / Product Development

  • If you're a startup we help you determine the optimal number of styles, colors and sizes to launch your collection with, taking into account cash flow, manufacturer's capacity and minimums.
  • When necessary we can make introductions to designers, technical designers, pattern makers, sample houses, production managers, fabric houses as well as others crucial to develop and cost your product line.
  • If you're an established company we help you analyze past selling seasons to determine the styles most likely to sell in future seasons that bring the highest profit margins, cash flow and contribution to operating expenses.

Production and Costing

  • Whether you're a start-up or an established business, we can introduce you to either small domestic cut and sew or full package production houses, as well as some of the largest manufacturers in Asia and other parts of the world.
  • Whether you're a startup or an established company, we analyze costing and margins per collection, as well as when needed, help negotiate the fairest terms for both you and your manufacturer. We review cost sheets to ensure we are capturing all necessary costs.
  • We have experience negotiating costing with manufacturers and determining ways to reduce production costs without compromising quality or esthetics.
  • We make sure your production cycle and timelines are thought out, properly planned and attainable for product development, samples, production, fulfillment and delivery to customer whether wholesale or direct to consumer.
  • If you’re an established on line retailer, we help you set up the most efficient methods to determine open to buys based on your cash flow past demand for product and growth expectations based on budgets or revised forecasts.
  • We can help you streamline your logistics from manufacturer to customer, determine freight and duty costs based on overseas manufacturers, as well as introduce you to freight forwarders and fulfillments houses(3PL’s) and advise so you can negotiate the best terms for your specific type of business

Branding and Sales

  • We review your marketing collateral and offer advice to ensure your “concept” is communicated clearly and consistently in all areas of your company.
  • We help you determine the key competitive advantages and price points at both wholesale and retail, as well as how to communicate those features and benefits to showrooms/buyers/sales associates and most importantly customers.
  • We have proven methods to acquire showrooms or independent sales reps. We help you determine which Showrooms you should approach to carry your collection and provide you with a plan including how to approach them, what to ask and how to determine if they are right for you.
  • For established brands we have consultants who have led both domestic and international sales teams with astounding results, available to train, set sales goals and monitor productivity of your existing team as well as recruit and train new reps. This would also include the review and revisions of marketing collateral currently being used by your existing sales force.
  • Once you have acquired purchase orders and delivered product to customers what’s next? We have successfully proven methods to increase sell thru at the retail level to ensure reorders as well as develop your success story.

Financial Reporting / Budgeting / Cash Flow / Open to Buy / Factoring

  • More important than how much funding you have to launch your business is what you do with that funding. We equip our start up entrepreneurs as well as our established business clients with the necessary financial tools to minimize risk and maximize profitable growth. These tools include proper expense classification between cost of goods sold and operating expenses to get a true gross profit margin and determine cash flow needs thru either start up or hyper growth phases.
  • We review your financial reporting to ensure it’s in accordance with GAAP, and that you’re building your company’s financial history for future bank loans, bridge loans, Private equity, and Venture Capital or Angel investment.
  • We develop cash flows to ensure your business remains solvent as well as help guide you with purchasing decisions whether for capital expenditures, inventory or operations based on available cash flow forecasted for future periods
  • For retail operations we develop open to buy schedules to ensure inventory is controlled and not overbought to the point it can put your company’s cash flow in jeopardy.
  • We work closely with you and your team in helping budget for future years as well as forecast changes to budget.
  • It’s important to sell to customers who will pay you timely. We help you develop controls in accepting new customers, determining whether or not to factor or when it’s acceptable to ask for a deposit before accepting the PO and going into production.
  • We introduce you to factors, financial lending institutions, potential investors (once we get to know you and your business model), bookkeepers, CPA firms and law firms who we feel are the right fit for your personality and business size.

Direct to Consumer / Selling Online

  • Starting an e-commerce retail operation is different than the wholesale and brick and mortar retail business models. The differences are many and include organizational structure and key personnel, how cash is used for inventory and infrastructure, sales and marketing, web development, fulfillment and logistics among others. We have years of experience and success working with many on-line retailers, both at the start-up level as well as established brands. We can walk you through these differences to ensure you have the big picture in mind as you launch your new site or grow or extend your existing brand on line.
  • For start-ups, we teach you what’s needed in order to build a solid foundation based on your available resources.
  • For established brands we help with budgeting and forecasting, determine the next key hires, and how to recruit them, how to increase gross profit margins, control inventory, set up employee stock option plans in order to recruit talent, cash flow, warehouse management systems, ecommerce marketing, merchandising and timing of production as well as key performance indicators.

Personnel / Key hires to scale your business

  • We work with established clients to determine what their organizational structure will look like based on future growth plans, then evaluate strengths and weaknesses of current key personnel. Based on our findings we recommend the “next” key hires to achieve managements growth objectives while taking into account cash flow available to reach those objectives.
  • For startups, we analyze funding available to launch your company and determine positions that should be outsourced until the company has enough cash flows from revenues to bring in personnel to fill the position on a full time basis. We introduce you to independent web developers/branding agencies/PR companies/Social media companies/fulfillment houses/Showrooms and independent sales reps/Outside bookkeeping services/Designers/Pattern makers/Domestic manufacturers that do small production runs.
  • We have contacts with recruiters and human capital partners who have vast networks of talent with apparel experience at all management levels, including Design, Product Development, Production, Sales, Finance, E commerce, and Merchandising; As well as C level executives.

General Needs

  • If you’re a startup we work with you to determine the best corporate structure and business model for your company.
  • Whether you’re a start up or an established company we work with your insurance broker to determine current policies in place and recommend areas we feel you may be underinsured and at risk.
  • We can refer attorney’s who are experts in apparel and footwear law including protection of Intellectual property, trademarks, proprietary, manufacturing and sales rep agreements, as well as employee stock option plans, 409a valuations or any other legal matters you need to be aware of to protect yourself.

Quick Start Program

The Quick Start program was designed with the goal of making you a success by teaching you fundamentals that are the basic building blocks to growing a profitable business in a shorter time frame, while reducing your risk of making costly errors due to inexperience or lack of industry connections.

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