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We make sure that companies entering the fashion industry are aware of tried and true methods for costing, manufacturing, branding, market research, and selling new product in the market place.

We use simple methods to quickly determine whether your business will make it in the long run, as well as steps to correct areas that without change will cause your company to fail.

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Nasty Gal

Dana has been an instrumental force in my business. Since working with Dana, my company has grown over 10,000% and continues to explode. He has taught me everything from financials to human resource management, and I continue to learn more with each phone call, visit and email.
Sophia Amoruso, Founder / CEO. Nasty Gal

Tommy John

We have grown over 250% in our first 4 months working with Dana. He has helped put Tommy John in a perfect position to sustain our growth. Dana has contagious energy and is looking out for my interest first and foremost.
Tom Patterson, Founder. Tommy John

Dana Fried is the best consultant I have ever worked with in my business career. I have worked with consultants from the Boston Consulting Group who could not measure up to the talent and energy that Dana has. Taryn Rose International would not be a 40 million dollar company today without the assistance of Dana Fried over the last 9 years. He has known me since I started from my garage and was by my side as a COO, during my company’s fast growth.
Taryn Rose, MD. Founder. Taryn Rose International

He provided a reliable guidance and substance to our vision. He taught us the tools necessary to start our business in operations, manufacturing, sales and merchandising, and finances.
Hey Lady, Emily & Jessica Leung.

The quick start program was the best money we have spent, and I only wish we had done it sooner. We could have avoided a lot of mistakes and saved a lot of money. As we are now getting ready to deliver our line to the US and European markets, I can only say that this would have never happened without Dana's help.
Arlene Battishill, President / CEO. Scooter Girls Inc.

Michael Antonio Footwear

I have worked closely with Delphic Consulting over the past year. In that very short time frame we have rebranded our company, had a double digit increase in revenue, streamlined our reporting, budgeting and organizational processes, retrained our sales reps in line with our brand, and provided sales kits and marketing materials that have allowed us to double our sales from trade-shows when compared to the prior year
Michael Su, CEO.
Michael Antonio Footwear Group

Quick Start Program

The Quick Start program was designed with the goal of making you a success by teaching you fundamentals that are the basic building blocks to growing a profitable business in a shorter time frame, while reducing your risk of making costly errors due to inexperience or lack of industry connections.

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